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CV Tips

Your CV message needs to be uncomplicated, clear and something that prompts the reader to shortlist you, see you or recommend you.
It is vital that you communicate your suitability for the vacancy as efficiently as you can. Sending a tired old CV will get you nowhere, so check yours each time you submit it to see if it can be updated or improved in any way.

Employers and recruiters can spot a general purpose CV immediately, it should always be geared towards the actual position you are applying for, try to read it from the employers prospective, see if it is interesting.

Any missing dates from you work history tend to send alarm bells, be sure to include missing months/years with reasons for break in any work history.

CV’s that are too long are often rejected straight away. Two (2) pages are usually enough.

Many CV’s are rejected immediately due to bad grammar and spelling mistakes.

Make sure you pinpoint actual duties in past positions rather than generalisation, but at the same time do not over complicate with too much detail.

Use clear fonts not something fancy because you think it looks nice.

Make sure that skills listed on your CV relate directly to the position you are applying for and meet the job description.