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Supply Staff Testimonials

"Education People has certainly worked for me. The team have a no-nonsense approach: they work hard on your behalf, keep you informed, find work that suits your skills and, importantly, they are reliable and as good as their word."

Ref - KL


"Education People has assisted me in many ways I have been able to see schools in different places in England so I have an understanding of British schools. I also had the chance to develop new skills while I am teaching a variety of lessons. Working with Education people I am building my confident in myself up."

Ref - P


"Education People are big enough to provide regular work, but small enough to cater for your individual needs. Thanks for delivering regular work with good humour and a caring personal touch, Best wishes."

Ref - SS


"I have worked with Education People since their formation in 2008, and have always found them to be very proactive in their approach to finding me work that suits me. They are extremely professional, efficient and friendly, and can always be relied upon to resolve any issues quickly and effectively. I can recommend their services without hesitation."

Ref - KO


"In a conversation with another supply teacher about work, I was recommended to a reasonably new agency called ‘Education People.’
I was interested in her claim that she had been provided with plenty of work whilst she was working for them; she was also enthused by how they were agreeable people to work with.
A meeting was arranged and the interview was thorough and amicable with time to talk and get to know each other.
I have had plenty of calls to attend schools all over Bristol and neighbouring counties.
I am pleased that the agency is pro-active in finding work and I appreciate their efforts in finding and providing work in the time I have worked with them.
I have recommended ‘Education People’ to other teachers and fully endorse them as an excellent agency to work with."

Ref - SM


"Thanks for the contract, it has been good to do a longer term contract (although what with the distance and the difficult class it has not been easy, but I have enjoyed it, but am ready to bring on the holidays!)"

Ref - SR


"I have enjoyed working with you and am remaining sole agency, Thanks for your hard work."

Ref - HR


"Whilst I have a choice of which agency I use, from the outset I have been really impressed by the professionalism, hard work and commitment demonstrated by Education People in their role as a supply agency. Both Lesley Russell and Nicole Giermann have worked tirelessly to find me work on a regular basis, 5 days a week.
In the 2 or so years that Education People has been trading, I have benefitted from their comprehensive range of contacts in teaching establishments, and I have been delighted to work with them on a daily or weekly basis not only in Bristol, but also in schools as far afield as Swindon and Chard and Taunton.

One of the key attributes to their professionalism is their ability to find me placements that are appropriate to my skills or preferences as a supply teacher, so whilst I enjoy helping out with ‘general cover’ I am also often asked to specifically teach Design and Technology, or placed in Special Schools, PRUs or a Young Offenders Institute. With regard to my daily contact with Education People, both Lesley and Nicole are invariably good natured and very efficient, offering support and advice with a certainty that can be counted on."

Ref - OK


"Education people are a great agency who deliver a personal and professional touch in their service for teachers. I am very grateful to them for finding me work in the current climate and would recommend them highly. Keep up the good work!"

Ref - MO


"I am a supply teacher and have found the service from Education People to be excellent. Education People work hard on your behalf to provide a very professional and efficient service. Education People are friendly and approachable."

Ref - RK


"Education People treat you like a professional and are extremely proactive in finding you work. They made me feel appreciated and a part of their business."

Ref - WR


"Education People are a friendly ,straightforward locally based agency that consistently works hard to keep us working.
They are always honest and supportive and go the extra mile to offer the most appropriate opportunities to the most suitable people.
As a small agency you have a real personal relationship with the team who are always personable, understanding of your circumstances and support you 100% whatever the placement."

Ref - CR


"Education people are a no-nonsense and friendly team who work pro-actively and consistently to find suitable placements in your specialist field or local area."

Ref - MM