In this day and age, there are a wealth of different reasons you might consider switching from a permanent role in education to temporary teaching agency work. For some, it might be a desire to switch up their work day experience by teaching in a variety of different schools and locations. For others, it might be a way to get the flexibility to pick and choose their schedule on a week by week basis. Alternatively, it could be a new challenge that you seek, or maybe a simple way to ease yourself gently back into the profession. Others choose temporary work to allow them to work around childcare or to ease them into retirement -or out of retirement for some who find that they retire and then really miss teaching! The beauty of agency work is its flexibility and malleability, and the opportunity it offers to tailor your work to your needs. But what are the main factors that you will need to consider? Read on to find out...


One of the biggest reasons for hesitation that is often cited by teachers who are considering making the switch to a temporary work lifestyle is stability- or a lack thereof. Often teachers are hesitant to take the leap into agency work for fear that they are at risk of losing their work stability, and they aren’t wrong to be cautious. Leaving a stable role is a big step to take, so it is vitally important that you choose an agency that you are confident can offer you work at the consistency you require, and who you trust to be honest and transparent in the services and opportunities they are providing you with. The best way you can measure this is by doing your research, reading reviews and testimonials of your chosen agency and speaking to the consultants about the types of roles they are able to offer and the consistency of the work they have that will suit your requirements.

What YOU want

It is important that you know what you are looking to get out of agency work - think about the reasons you have decided to make this change, and make sure those reasons are going to align with the work that is on offer to you. For example, if you are unhappy receiving a morning call, but all the schools in your local vicinity tend to book their supply same day, you may find yourself receiving a lot less work than you had envisaged. Alternatively, if you live in a remote or rural area but do not want to travel further afield than 15-20 minutes by car, this will also impact the amount of work that you will be offered. A reputable and trustworthy agency will be totally honest and transparent about what they will be able to offer you if you are totally honest about what you are happy to do, so it is very important to ensure you have these conversations so that you can be confident you will be able to receive the amount of day-to-day work you desire.


Ultimately, the decision to make the change must be based in trust - trust in yourself to make the decision to switch, and trust in your agency to support your transition into this new lifestyle. Your agency are there to work for you! Utilise them and trust them to help you find the schools and settings that are the right fit for you, and to seek out the opportunities you are looking for. They are there to make this new journey exciting and simple - find an agency you trust, and allow them to guide, encourage and support you through it, so you can focus on doing the job you love in the way that works for you. Good luck!

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