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Teacher Appreciation Week 2021: Why Working in Education has Never Been More Important


As we all know, working as a teacher, learning support assistant or child support worker has never been as simple as learning times tables and correcting grammar. The role of an educator is multifaceted: their duty is not just to pass on knowledge, but to instil crucial values and ideas into their classes. School, and the socialisation that it provides, can more or less shape the course of a child’s future. A teacher’s role is to inspire and safeguard, and education has always been vitally important to us all.

For many children across the country in the past year, education and schooling as we knew it ground to a halt along with the rest of our daily lives, and the picture for the ‘return to normal’ for education was unclear. Now that we have returned to the classroom, there are concerns about the education children have missed out on and how this will affect their prospects. The lasting impact that this could have on a whole future generation is staggering. Teachers and education staff have all been under immense pressure in recent months as the burden has fallen on them to step up and rectify this situation.

But in spite of all of this and in the face of these extreme circumstances, teachers and educators have risen to the occasion and met the challenge. Now more than ever, the world recognises the vital role of teachers, educators and support workers, and the crucial role they have played in restarting and rebuilding the education of children across the country. This Teacher Appreciation Week, we want to say a huge thank you to all our dedicated staff and to teachers across the country for their tremendous efforts as they continue to pave the way for students learning and development. This week and every week, we appreciate you.

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